Fantastic Charity Connections Work Shop Today with the Herts CVS

Just a quick post to thank  everyone that attended today’s Charity Connections workshop and also for the wonderful feed back. Thank you also Broxbourne Housing Association for the use of their IT suite and Fay and Sue Jane from the Herts CVS for putting the workshops together.

I am really please that all 6 group left with a fully functional website, social media profile (twitter and youtube account) and posterous account tying everything together.

I hope these online assets help you promote all the fantastic work you all do.

If you need more information, please remember that the video tutorials are all online, and can be accessed via my website

If you are interested about find out more about these free wok shops, please click on the link below or call Fay on the following details:

Fay Muir
Service Co-ordinator – CVS for Broxbourne and East Herts

CVS for Broxbourne & East Herts
20 Tudor Square
West Street,
Ware, SG12 9XF

Tel: 01920 487888
Mob: 07817 247222

PS I have written this post and updated my website and twitter account via posterous as taught in the workshop……..

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