How to use Adwords to meet more people at the annual Rubber Duck Exhibition 2012

One of my clients has a stand at an industry exhibition they are attending in a few months, so I suggested that they try using adwords in a more creative way to reach out before they arrived. Here is a what I did, and something you could do. I will use the Annual Rubber Duck Exhibition (called Duck & Move 2012) in my example to protect the competitive advantage of my client (that deals in Rubber Chickens).

Step 1. Write a blog post with a (smiling) photo of the person or people that will be on the Exhibition stand e.g.

Attending Rubber Duck Exhibition 2012? We are to! Come and say Hi

My name is Enzo and I will be on stand S34, stop by for a cup of tea and a chat about our new Rubber Duck Life Jackets.

Hope to see you at the NEC in April.



Step 2

Create an Adgroup and Ad bidding on phrase match related keywords such as “Rubber Duck Exhibition” and “Duck and Move”. It is important to use phrase match so if an attendee types in ‘parking at the rubber duck exhibition 2012’ or other variation that include the phrases “Rubber Duck Exhibition” or “Duck and Move”, your ad will show.

Please note it is vital that the landing page /destination URL of your ad is the blog post your wrte in step 1.

*Bonus* Step 3 – Facebook Ads

If the event or exhibition you are attending has a Facebook page, you can also show a similar ad to anyone that has ‘Liked’ it, and also drill down to the demographic of the person (e.g. if you have a stand at a wedding fair and you sell bridal shoes, then you can target females that have liked the event page’. Be sure to link back to a specially created business FAcebook page that you have created specially for your attendance of the event, as this will firstly cost you less per link, and secondly, keep the user within Facebook and therefore creating a sub concious air of creditability and trust (as most people trust Facebook as it is where their friends are). The cool thing about using a Facebook ad is that you can include a photo of you in the ad so people already start to recognise you.

Good luck and I hope this helps.


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