How did he know? Nolan was right the Green arrows does get more email sign ups

So, it has been 7 days since I started an email sign up conversion experiment that A/B split tested a page with a red arrow on it and a page with a green arrow on it. The results are as follows:

The Red arrow (the original) had a conversion rate of 3.7%

The Green arrow (variation 1) had a conversion rate of 5.0%

Here is a graph showing the conversion over the 7 day period.

As expected the trend of email sign ups is basically the same, with the green arrow (confusingly shown with a yellow, not green line on the graph), converted more.

When speaking to my designer friend Nolan, he predicted the green would win, stating “green means go…” and “positive colour for emotional attachment. Although technically red is the more dynamic”, also “Green is friendlier”.


This test was run with Optimizely on a Shopify ecommerce store.

The next logical step would be to test a green arrow against a blue or different coloured arrow. I will post more CRO experiments on Twitter, but next time I may try testing with another CRO tool called  Visual Website Optimizer .

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