Behind every great PPC ad is an even better landing page


The best way to waste loads of cash on Adwords is to bid on a load of different keywords and send them all to your home page and hope the visits some how finds what they want.

Relevance is the key.

The key to continuing the thought process of your visitor:

Thought 1 – I am looking for a red widget

Thought 2 – I will look for a red widget on the internet

Thought 3 – I will type in “red widget” into Google

Thought 4 – Oh look, they is (an ad) some one selling red widgets from £9.99 with free shipping

Thought 5 – I want a red widget with free shipping, I will click the ad

Thought 6 – Cool, there is a photo of the red widget, all i need to do is press the add to cart button

In Google’s eyes, relevance is also the key, as your quality score, i.e a score out of 10 based on how the keyword your bid on relates to your advert and your landing page, will be higher and ultimately be charged less for every click.

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