Adwords Remarketing Combat Sport E-Commerce Strategy – Using Sponsored Athletes

PLEASE NOTE: I run an ecommerce store in the combat sports industry, but this strategy can be used in any market.

Adwords remarketing is reported to be big this year, at a recent seminar I was invited to at Google UK, London, the Adwords staff were very BIG on retargeting.

There are many great articles about the technical aspects of setting up remarketing but I thought I would publish a cool strategy for ecommerce brands that have sponsored athletes.

Remarketing basically is when a web visitor arrives at a certain page on your site and leaves without buying, and then you can some ads relating to your brand or product via advertising on other websites that vistor visits once they leave your site.

So the strategy….

1. Add the tracking code on every product page.
2. Create images or video ads with your sponsored athletes in each of your products, include a tracking offer, like an unique discount code in this media.
3. Set up the retargeting campaign so that when a visitor lands on your product page, they are then shown multiple adverts (image or video) of that product being used or worn by a sponsored athlete.

This process will increase product desire and awareness, and works particularly well if your website visitors also visit youtube to look at industry related videos.

Contact me or leave a question in the comments if you have any questions on remarketing.



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