How to use @evernote, @IFTTT & @dropbox to never lose a receipt & make your Accountant love you

In a recent productivity drive I have been looking for ways to improve how I track and record ‘stuff’ and also eliminate as much clutter (especially paper notes) from my life.

In doing this I have created a process where photos of receipts are instantly upload to the web where my accountant can access them and they are also backed up. This system can be created, used and maintained for free.

The tools needed are:

 The process:

  1. Create accounts with all the above services.
  2. Within Evernote create a notebook (Please note: an Evernote notebook is essentially a folder) called ‘Expenses’.
  3. Tell you accountant to create a Evernote account.
  4. Share your ‘Expenses’ notebook with your accountant. This will allow him/her to view all entries into it (i.e. your receipts).
  5. Login in to your IFTTT account.
  6. Via the dashboard within IFTTT link your Evernote and Dropbox accounts so all evertries into your ‘Expenses’ folder are automatically uploaded (and in turn backed up) to your Dropbox account.
  7. Every time you get a receipt take a photo of it and upload it your ‘Expenses’ Evernote notebook via your phone. This will then allow your accountant to see it and in addition to this it will also be backed securely to your Dropbox account.

 (Optional advanced extras:

Add extra sub folders or tagging to your Evernote folder e.g. year, month, personal, business etc )

Please note that the free Dropbox account does have a limit of 2GB space, but Box and Google Drive can also be used if required.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions – I can shoot a screen cast to make this easier to follow if required.



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