With the introduction of Google Tag Manager can Online Marketers can break free from relying on Web Developers?

Google has just introduced  Tag Manger – in a nut shell it allows you to deploy code once to your web pages and then add, edit and control Google Analytics, Adwords and more tags from dash board inside your Google account.

I like this alot. I think this has particularly useful applications for creating innovative re marketing campaigns as the tag on individual webpages on your site can be have customer tags.

I also believe that this will ensure that Online Marketers do not have to rely on Web Developers to make regular small updates and changes.

Here is a great overview video from Google on this new service.

Productive last day in the office – Just passed exams to become Google Adwords Qualified

Enzo Vullo (@evullo) Google AdWords Certified Partner / Individual Qualification

Productive last day in the office before Xmas, I passed Google AdWords Certification Program exams to becomes an Google Adwords Qualified Individual.