All my blog posts on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), i.e. the process of changing/updating/building/promting a website to help it to appear as high up in the search engines as possible, can be found in my SEO articles section.

Here is an ongoing list of the little annoying things for you (and me) to remember when doing SEO, please feel free to add anything in the comments section below and I will include it on the list.

  • Add the country your website is aimed at via the Google Webmaster Tools
  • Remember, Google Webmaster Tools can show you wear you rank for keywords and also a full link profile
  • HTML for anchor text link <a href=””>Anchor Text Here</a> = Anchor Text Here
  • Add images to blog posts and make sure the alt tag is a relevant keyword
  • Add blogs and websites to your contributer list in Google plus and then at the bottem of pages and posts add “Connect with me on +Enzo Vullo” to get your picture to appear next to it in the search engines. Here is the code <a href=””>+Enzo Vullo</a>
  • Video SEO – Three things to remember – 1. Optimise title, tags and description, (Youtube has a keyword research tool) 2. The video has to add value to the viewer and be worth watching and sharing 3. Post posting (i.e. after you have posted your video), build links to it, starting with social media links. Bonus -if embedding a video on to a webpage, make sure the page on page SEO is awesome and then add the transcription on the page below the video.

Question, as this horse looks like a bit like a cow, would you try to rank for the term “cow” instead of “horse” if it was easier….

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