South East Asia Photo and Video Directory

I have just returned from a six month trip across South East Asia. During this time I documented my travels for friend and family via my other website Enzography (Enzo + Photography + Videography = Enzography).

To help find posts I tagged each one with the city and country where it was taken. Despite most photos being personal, many other travelers I met found it useful tool for basic research. Please feel free to use it to get an insight into he following counties we visited:








I will continue to add to Enzography, however for the immediate future I will be based in England.

I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun updating the website.


Rewiring the brain for happiness & productivity in 21 days – Interesting video

As a chemistry graduate I have long believed that emotions both good and bad are just chemical reactions, and although not easy to control, they can be controlled.

Habit is also something that I find interesting, and the video below (at 11min 5 secs ish) looks at getting in the habit of being positive and all the benefits that come with this, including being better at learning.

The 21 days program ( 2 minutes a day) suggested in the video includes:

1. Every day write down 3 new things you are gratfeful for.

2. Journalling about a postive experience you have had overthe last 24 hours

3. Exercise

4. Mediation

5. One act of kindness – write a positive email or tweet thanking them.