Here are some things people have said about the online work I have done, in addition to this, the testimonials from my shop are here and from my martial art classes are here.

“Enzo has been extremely professional in all my dealings with him. Within a few days of our first meeting, he had a website up and running. After the 1st week the site was in the top 10 and within 2 weeks we had our 1st enquiry. Enzo does not just set up websites, he has great ideas for how the product can reach a wider and more specific audience. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his services.” Ketan Patel

“Enzo was able to come into my business and break down the key element that has made it success of the years and offer further tools around those pieces to ensure an even higher level of success. Myself and my team found Enzo approached not only very high energy and extremely motivating, it also offered very tangable answers to question, which was great. I recogniesd that Enzo was able to articulate compelling messages to my employee’s on more than one level. I found this key !

This was the first sales seminar that as a business we were able to not just visual see an improvement by activity only, but also by immediate revenue increase, a 20% uplift for sales for the following 3 Months. I would encourage that Enzos services are also used in a one to one capacity as well as group, as he has been very sharp to identify the under achievers and establish why, and allow the necessary dedication to unlock what was hindering them. This has worked.
I hope you experience the same level of results, as we have.”  
Wes Ephson , Head of Talent Search, Q4 Recruitment

“Enzo created a website site for my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club. We are a small club and it has really help me promote what we do. I get call from potential new students on a daily basis. In addition to the website Enzo also created a Facebook fan page and youtube channel which are really important for sharing the videos we shoot of our students in competition and class. I have no website building knowledge and Enzo made everything really easy for me, as he manages my website, facebook age and youtube videos, and makes updates the same day that i request them” Arlans Siqueria, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

“Enzo has now run 2 Social Networking workshops for community groups under his Charity Connections work. Not only did he give his time to us without charge, he was extremely professional, and the feedback to the workshops has been fantastic.
The small not for profit groups I work with are run by volunteers, and most did not have an email account let along a website. By the end of the workshop each group had a website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube account. This is vital in order to promote their work, avoid duplication locally, and raise awareness and interest generally. Enzo has a real passion to help community groups, and his enthusiasm kept everyone engaged and interested throughout the workshop. His positive attitude, great sense of humour, and incredible knowledge in his field, made the workshops very enjoyable.
Thank you Enzo – I look forward to working with you again very soon.”
 Sue-Jane O’Keefe

“Extremely enjoyable time leaning about websites Enzo was patient with us as tinternet is new to some easily expained and all of us had website up and running by the end.
As a small voluntary group any advertising needs to be free and easily accessable
Enzo made it easy and fun

Lyn Johnson, Whitefields Estate Community Association

“The groups I work with are really going to benefit from this information. The fact that you are giving free tutorage to Community Voluntary groups is fantastic. The video tutorials backing the workshops up are really brilliant. Small groups would struggle to find funds to pay for a website to be built. Small groups will be able to reach a far bigger audience with the Social Networking sites, increase their membership, advertise their events easily and quickly to name but a few benefits” Isobel Hatfield

“Wow! I have attended one of Enzo’s Social Media workshop today and already have set up and posted to both my website and twitter. Enzo’s open and firendly approach made it very easy to ask questions and he kept us all on track, despite us going at different paces and starting from different levels.
I have been struggling to promote all the amazing things my small organisations are doing and the simple approach to set up and updating which Enzo introduced will be a huge time saver and enable me to tell more people and hopefully get some new volunteers to help!!
I hope to be able to work with Enzo again as I only scratched the surface of what I am sure he can teach me! Thank you very much!”
 Jan Wing

“Thanks Enzo for such a great workshop yesterday!
Although I had dipped into the world of social media I now have much more of a handle on how to use it in a more professional capacity. There were lots of ideas that sprang to mind during the workshop as to how the museum can use some of these tools to promote what we do. The tips and hints were great and my only frustration was no internet when I got home to try it all out!! 
The small group size was fantastic as Enzo was able to answer our specific queries or help us when we got stuck/lost etc. Well worth attending.”  Sarah Holmes

“I was offered a free place on this course as there was space available. I found it very interesting and useful. My company is still deciding how to go about social media and Enzo’s workshop helped clear up a few misconceptions i had.
Thanks for a great time!”  Adriana Neves

“Just wanted to thank you Enzo for a very enjoyable practical and informative workshop. Delivered with great enthusiasm and professionalism!. It has given me some great tools and sparked ideas that I can take back and apply to our organisation. A morning very well spent. Thanks again”  Loraine Perry

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